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Carribean Stud Poker strategies

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Caribbean Poker commonly known as Caribbean Stud Poker is a fairly new game that is swiftly gaining popularity: it is a combination of two different games, including 21 and regular Stud Studs, and to fully enjoy you must pay attention to these tips and tricks of Caribbean Poker.

Unlike the games of 21 and regular Stud Stud, no draw is awarded, or additional cards are awarded. Each player and the dealer are dealt five cards, the last card of the dealer being a failure, or a card that is exposed to players: players also see all five cards at the same time.


Caribbean poker obviously started in the Caribbean, but it is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide due to the ease of play, better odds than the average and potentially high payouts.

Betting on Caribbean Stud Poker

The action is fast and the preliminary bet is not optional: it will depend on the board and will vary in size, and subsequent bets must be twice as large as the preliminary bet. This is a banking game, with a single hit action: you look at your cards and on the flop of the dealers, and you bet who has the highest hand. All bets are against the house, not against other players, and this helps the game to be very fast and exciting.

Three types of bets in Caribbean Stud Poker

The ante
The bet is, of course, before the game begins, as well as the secondary bet. The secondary bet allows you to win one of the progressive jackpots, which is a Royal Flush or a Straight Flush. Obviously, the chances of this happening are very small (around 4 in 2.5 million and not much less for a straight flush), hence the obvious advice, leave the secondary bet alone.

The lateral bet

The bet takes place after the cards have been dealt; If you decide to continue playing the hand, you must make a bet that doubles the initial bet, so if your initial bet was $ 5, your bet would be $ 10, with the full bet of $ 15. Depending on what you win, the reward is greater, for example, if the dealer has a pair and you have two pairs, you will win a larger bag than if you win with an ace and a king on a null hand.

The bet

The game is fast, and the thinner the deck towards the tip of the shoe, the more interesting it can be: take your time and bet in small increments to have the best chance to take home the pots.

Obviously, it is impossible to bluff in this game: unlike 21 (in which you can not bluff), there is only one offer: you see all your cards and one of the distributors and decide to make another bet. or not, and then the dealer turns it over. The dealer needs at least one ace and one king or has a zero hand.

Traditionally, the game is played with a deck, and the cast can be moved between the players (then the one you are betting on is the house) but most places play with an automatic dealer or a multi-deck shoe. Online, of course, is handled by the computer.

This is one of the most fun and easy games that are being played currently if you do not have at least a small pair, retire, and if you bet, you will have a great night at the tables!