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Craps rules

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Craps is a game of dice. It is similar to gambling or betting.Players can vouch for money which is called street craps, or they can be played at a casino. It is a type of casino game which involves a lot of betting. Some of the bets don’t Pass Line, Pass Bet, Don’t Come Bet, Come Bet, Field Bet, Free Odds Bet and lots more.
It is said that when you are just beginning to learn Craps, it is very easy. The reason for this is, of course as you are not yet comfortable with the game so you will be playing with very low bets. The lower betting styles are a lot simpler than those higher up the range, so if you play against players of a similar level to yourself, you could do very well.

Types of Craps games
There are two different main types of Craps that you can play. One is called “bank Craps,” and the other “street Craps.” The first is played against a bank, and the latter is played against other human players. The latter is much more common in a casino as it gives play for more personal competition and people are more likely to place larger, more impressive bids.

How to play Craps games
The game is a strategy game and played with two dice. If the shooter rolls a total of 7 or 11, then this is the best outcome for them. It means that they win outright and also have the opportunity to roll the dice once again. This can go on for as long as this instance repeats itself. If the shooter rolls either a 2, a 3 or a 12, then this is called a “Craps, ” and it means that they instantly lose but can roll again.

Rules of playing Craps games
The point in the game where the game starts is known as the ‘Come out Roll.’ In a new game of craps, this is the first roll played by the player or shooter. This would decide as to whether the player continues the game or lose the game or win the game. The marker decides which stage the game is in.Usually, the game involves betting, and the bet gets decided upon even before the first roll is made.

High roller craps
Based on the strategies used and, the way it is played, the rules are followed, and how smartly one plays, one could earn a lot of cash. There are several casinos centers which are specially meant for playing the High Roller Craps. If you win, then you could win a huge amount of cash as well.

High Limit Craps or High Stakes Craps
When it comes to High Limit Craps or High Stakes Craps again, there is also a lot of risks is involved. With proper tactics applied, increased number of bets, you could win a huge amount of prize money. However, at the same time profit to you is a loss to another person. Therefore the risk factor for these types of games is a big concern. You have to be very careful and get prepared before you enter into these types of games.There are many casinos which offer betting limits at the craps table. Some of the provides maximum betting amount, however, no table time limit. Table limit is usually calculated for every roll of the dice.